– I've only met drunk Norwegians so far

We had a beer and an informal chat with a few of our exchange students. What’s their first impressions with Oslo, the people and Westerdals Oslo ACT?

We had an informal chat with a few of our exchange students. What are their first impressions with Oslo, the people and Westerdals Oslo ACT?
We met a group of our exchange students in the student pub «Skjenkestua» at campus Fjerdingen.


The German Game Programmer:

What’s your first impression?

– It looks quite cool, and the people are really friendly. That was my first impression. I am studying Game programming and looking forward to developing my skills and make friends during my time at Westerdals.

– When I first came here, it was a Monday before the school started. There was no one here, except one “fadder”; Olav. He was really helpful and nice and made me feel welcome here.

– I’ve only been here for two and a half weeks, but I have gotten to know some of the people here. I really like them, they are friendly. And at the reception they really try to help you out, and are very friendly and helpful every time you need anything.


Is it true what they say about Norwegians that they are cold and reserved until they get a beer in their hand?

– I don’t know. I’ve only met drunk Norwegians so far … No, I’m just kidding! People here are easygoing and very friendly. My first impression is really good and I think this is going to be a cool semester.

What are you going to miss from home?
– I don’t miss anything yet. The prices are a bit expensive here, though.

«Skjenkestua» is great for meeting fellow students and making new friends.
«Skjenkestua» is great for meeting fellow students and making new friends.

The Dutch Graphic Designer:

What are you looking forward to this semester?

– For me personally, to develop my skills. I really hope I get to learn some new things that will benefit me when I come back to the Netherlands.

– I enjoy the different campuses! I think they are really diverse and cool. And I like the teachers. Every teacher I’ve had so far has been very passionate about their job, which I think really helps.

More mythbusting

–I actually also really like the Norwegians here, because I don’t think it’s true what you asked before, that they are more social when they drink beer. Because I recognize that they already are very social to me, so I really like that. Our classmates in Graphic Design has invited us to a lot of parties, like to just hang out in the city, so I enjoy it very much so far. I bought a month ticket and a city bike ticket, so I can get around and explore the city.

– Everybody is really helpful

– I’m doing Graphic Design and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. And so far, I’ve really liked it. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship is really interesting. I’m the only exchange student there, but everyone is really nice, we have a small class so I really get to know everybody and the task that we do is in pairs, which is really good. And everybody is talking English because they know that I am there, so they are all really thoughtful and helpful.



The German Communication Designer:

Why did you want to come to Oslo?

– I had never been to Oslo, and I had this image of Norway as this sustainable and very modern country, and since Oslo is the capital it wasn’t so calm here. I study communication design and I want to make something digital. In my home university, it’s more analogue. Here it’s more digital.

What did you tell your parents when you called home?

– That the campus is very cool looking and that it has a very good atmosphere, with a lot of light coming in. On my first day, I went to a party for the first-year students, and the people were very open and extrovert.

And finally, the last question:

What are you taking home with you from your stay in Oslo?

– Friends!

First impressions from our exchange students
All smiles and student prices at «Skjenkestua».