Westerdals ACT

About the school

Photo of our campus at Fjerdingen in Oslo

Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology is a unique and innovative university college for students who want to work within the fields of arts, communication and technology.

Because of its unique interdisciplinary opportunities and close working relationship with the relevant businesses, Westerdals Oslo ACT is regarded as one of the most exciting university colleges on the European educational arena right now.

Teaching Philosophy

At Westerdals Oslo ACT, our teaching philosophy is a combination of practical assignments, lectures, seminars and guided projects. Students work individually and in groups, and in teams across educational programmes.

By collaborating on interdisciplinary projects, students from different programmes have ample opportunity to network and prepare for a professional career. Guest lecturers from Norway and abroad contribute inspiration and further insight into the various industries. We believe that the future of communication is in the interaction of artistic and creative solutions and technology, and we provide our students with a head start into this new reality.

Our teaching principles and philosophy rest on keeping a close relationship to our students by admitting a limited number of students and by offering tuition individually and in smaller groups – as well as keeping a close relationship to the industry and professional scene by extensive use of guest lecturers and real-life assignments from the business.

Westerdals Oslo ACT is a reference point for the relevant academic and research communities and the media, and a place where new and innovative contexts are created.