Westerdals ACT

Top Notch Students

Westerdals Oslo ACT students are known to quickly make their mark on their respective industries.

Both current and former students from the Film and TV bachelor’s programme are well represented at Norwegian film festivals this year, and some of the films have attracted considerable outside attention. Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel’s bachelor’s film from last year – Bird Hearts – was invited to i.a. the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). It is also nominated to the Norwegian Student Film Festival at Lillehammer.

Several of the films that have received nominations are the results of school projects – and some were submitted as bachelor’s theses during the final semester of the programme.

You’d be hard pressed to have avoided hearing this year’s Easter hit “Promille i høyden”, with its accompanying music video, produced by the duo Læx & Ludo – both current Westerdals students. The music video, which was picked up by the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK and can be seen at nrk.no, was the result of a YouTube project assigned to Film and TV students during autumn 2015. It has also been nominated to “Music Video of the Year” award at the Norwegian Short Film Festival 2016 in Grimstad.

Top marks in Milan

During their fifth semester, students in the Retail Design programme can go on exchanges to other European schools. One of the schools Westerdals Oslo ACT collaborates with is NABA in Milan, which is highly reputed in the fields of communication and design.

“Three Westerdals students attended NABA during autumn 2015. They all worked hard and returned with top marks in every class”, says Ørjan Skyrud, Director of the Retail Design programme.

Before going to Milan, the three students, Malin Appelquist, Isabel Lorentzen, and June Vågenes, designed their own schedule. They selected six classes, combining interiors and fashion, for a total of 30 credits in Exhibition Design, Design Methodology, and Fashion Trends & Forecasting.

“We were very fortunate to also be able to take part in the Milan Fashion Week, where we worked as dressers for the Italian brand Leit Motiv. We attended two shows as well as the White Fair trade fair”, explain Malin, Isabel, and June. “Milan has a huge design scene, so it was easy to find inspiration both for fashion and for interiors and retail design.”

Made Grand Theft Auto macinima film

The first year students and staff from the bachelor’s programme at the Faculty of Film, TV and Game Design joined hands to break new ground.

During the first semester, students and staff from the Faculty of Film, TV and Game Design collaborated on an assignment in virtual film making, which culminated in a macinima film made in Grand Theft Auto IV and V.

A machinima film is based on an open world, which is a video game where a player can move freely through a virtual world and can choose how and when to approach an objective, as opposed to other games with a more linear structure.

“Defining and adapting the assignment was challenging, but the students approached the creative process with the rigour necessary to achieve a high standard”, says Ole Goethe, Director of the Game Design programme.