Westerdals ACT

Make-up and Hair Design

  • Bachelor
  • 3 Years
  • 180 Credits
  • Start August 2017
  • Campus Brenneriveien

Westerdals Oslo ACT offers a Bachelor’s programme in Make-up and Hair design that is unique in the Nordic region. The bachelor’s programme  includes courses in special make-up effects, creating prosthetic appliances, postiche and makeup & hair for TV, film, theatre and fashion – designing makeup expressions for characters from scratch.

  • Teaching language

    The teaching language is Norwegian.

  • Are you an exchange student?

    The 5th semester is taught in English. Read more about our exchange programme here.

  • Curriculum
  • Curriculum overview

This is a very practical programme, and you get to work on real projects within the film, theatre and television industry, as well as working interdisciplinary with other bachelor’s programmes at Westerdals Oslo ACT. The academic staff is highly skilled professionals, still active within their fields in the industry.

You will learn to prepare a credible character, using make-up and make-up effects, hairpieces and hairstyling. Anatomical drawing and sculpting, mouldmaking and prosthetic appliances.

From the tiniest detail to the big picture: you create both the beauty and the beast – and everything between.

As a makeup and hair designer you work with analyzing scripts and roles. You study art and culture both historical and contemporary, and learn how to place a character in context. You get a broad introduction to the history of film, theater, fashion and television industry and learn how to create expressions with makeup, hair and appliances appropriate to the arena you want to place the character in.

We teach the latest inventions in materials and methods as well as traditional crafts and techniques. You evolve thru research, learn how to design, create and apply and find your identity in different expressions within the make-up artistry.

Studies at Westerdals Oslo ACT provide a valuable network with future colleagues and employers, and you will establish valuable contacts with future partners within the fields of arts, communication and technology.