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Westerdals Oslo ACT conducts academic research and development (R&D) in many exciting fields related to technology, communication and the arts. We also conduct artistic research.

Our research activity ensures a sound scientific basis for the development of innovative educational programmes, in addition to making sure our students fully appreciate the relationship between theoretical understanding and practical work.

From the researchers

“I have started a research lab that rounds up researchers and activities in Information Systems. Here, researchers and master’s programme students can pursue their passion for understanding how and why we shop online, how we are affected by mobile advertising, how social media can be applied in a business setting, among other topics”, Asle Fagerstrøm, Programme Leader, Master’s Degree Programmes.

“There’s so much hype around how social media works ­ but how are they actually used by the news media or by political organisations, as measured by the newest social scientific methods? How to avoid turning social media into echo chambers? How to bring out their interactive, even democratic potential? These are the kinds of questions I write about and discuss with my students”, Anders Larsson, Associate Professor, Faculty of Management.

Westerdals Oslo ACT scientific publications

Our scientific publications are registered in the national database Cristin (Current Research Information System in Norway). Overview of scientific publications from Westerdals Oslo ACT can be found here.

  • How can we make the relation between people and technology smarter, easier, and better adapted to various needs? Our research on issues like mobile applications, interactive design, e­-business and intelligent systems approach this question from a number of perspectives. Irrespective of whether we are collaborating with the industry, companies or academic institutions, the aim is to combine applied user value with scientific quality.

    Curious for more? Please contact the Dean of the Faculty, Tor Morten Grønli: tmg(at)westerdals.no

  • To communicate you need to do a lot more than talk. When we interact with each other we use a number of ways to communicate. Text analysis, graphic design, architecture, fashion, and advertising are some of the modes of communication we are exploring in our research. By looking into different communication platforms, technologies, and languages (visual, textual, architectural), we discover how the message and the messenger are interconnected – and why some messages are ignored whilst other make the news.

    Curious for more? Please contact the Dean of the Faculty, Unni Tandberg: unni(at)westerdals.no

  • As societies become more and more complex there is a growing need to understand fundamental transformation processes in politics, business, media, and organisations. Globalisation makes borders irrelevant in some cases and more relevant than ever in others. In light of this we do research on fields like public relations, creative industries, project management, and social media to improve this understanding.

    Curious for more? Please contact the Dean of the Faculty, Eivind Brevik: breeiv(at)westerdals.no

  • Joy, anger, and melancholy – our experiences with film, television and games trigger a lot of emotions and reflections of what we are participating in. Whether it is 3D graphics, copywriting, game design or sound design, and no matter what genre you are operating in, it is about engaging people in a story. As our goal is to make students able to create new moments of story engagement we do research on the technical and artistic know­ how of media experiences.

    Curious for more? Please contact the Dean of the Faculty, Leif Holst Jensen: leif.holst.jensen(at)westerdals.no

  • ‘We learned more from a three­minute record, baby, than we ever learned in school’. This quote from a Bruce Springsteen song tells us much about the impact of popular music. We do artistic research on this and other cultural expressions, with a strong basis in practice. Based on a wide range of practical experiences from theatre, music, and acting staff at this faculty explore the roots, contexts, and practices of the performing arts.

    Curious for more? Please contact the Dean of the Faculty, Eirin Sæther: eirin.sather(at)westerdals.no


Visit our research blog, fACT (in Norwegian).

Responsible for research at Westerdals Oslo ACT:

  • Senior adviser Hans Erik Næss, email: hans.erik.ness[at]westerdals.no
  • Academic director Kristin Arnesen, e­mail: kristin.arnesen[at]westerdals.no